Saturday, 23 April 2016

Curborough Sprint Course - LADS Day Out

One of the LADS members organised a day out at the Curborough Sprint Course and so without any sprint type mods to my Roadsport or indeed any previous experience I set off with a mix of excitement and nerves.

An early start in Glossop took us on a pleasant drive through Buxton and Ashbourne before a sneaky bacon butty before arriving at Curborough.

The day was spot on and perfect for learning more about the car which you just cannot learn on the road.  I have no plans to go mad lowering the car or changing the suspension etc.  but I will sort out some better tyres.  The Uniroyal Rainsport's have been great on the road as they are very sticky and so they suit the lightweight car, but the somewhat over heated on the track and probably had 30% less rubber on the track compared to the other tyres on show.

An early start at Tesco in Glossop.

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