Saturday 19 September 2020

MSV Cadwell Park Trackday

This was the second MSV trackday I have done and it was as good as the first.  A sensible number of people on track which reduced as the day past.  The weather was perfect and the track..... wow.  What a perfect track for a Caterham.  Fast corners, quick changes of direction and a not a lot of run off to keep you on your toes.

Thursday 13 August 2020

Forest of Bowland again.

 I love this car.  What better incentive to get up early (very early) to take photos than knowing you get a few hours blipping the throttle of a 2.0l duratec in a light weight grip machine.  

Saturday 11 July 2020


I noticed the reverse light was not working but when I checked the bulb was fine.  As it happened the lamp holder in the reverse light housing just needed some TLC to ensure good electrical connection with the lamp.  However as I was checking fuses the headlight fuse had effectively melted itself into the fuse carrier.  

In my 2014 Roadsport the fuse carrier is made up of 6 units of Ripca modular fuse and relay holders.  With the headlight being fuse No. 12 (from the top) then it meant breaking apart the collection of 6 modules to insert a new Ripca module.

I bought a pack of 5 modules inc. connectors from Polevault (RELF_1KIT)

The unit is held in place by two set screws under the top and bottom relays with nylocs in the engine bay just behind the air filter box.  The Ripca's just slide apart, or at least they would have done if they were not superglued together.  20 minutes of messing about with a stanley knife to cut through the superglue bond and the units came apart.

The connectors need a firm push from teh front to get them out.  I used the end of the long nose pliers.  However once you get the connectors out you will see that the pins (flaps) which hold them into th Ripca carrier have been bent back on themself.  For all but two of the pins I will able to bend these back and they fitted firmly into the new fuse carrier.  However three of the connectors had broken pins.  One of the Relay spaces and two of the fuse connectors.  The Ripca kit comes with the connectors but you do need a special crimper.  I got one from Sealey.  Be carefull which way your put the connector into the crimper.  I dedcided to sacrifice two connectors to be sure I had them the correct way around.

Melted Fuse.

Ripca Modular Fuse and Relay Carrier

Damaged Pins

Replacement Kit (minus the one I used)

Friday 31 January 2020

Still Loving It

Needed to go to my Mums to do some jobs so took the Caterham.  It is a really cosy drive with the roof on, albeit a bit noisy.

Saturday 6 July 2019

Quick Drive to Menden (Germany)

A company organised a charity rally to Menden in Germany.  There were a few bikes, a 3 wheeler Morgan and my Caterham.  The was superb with the only issue being a dodgy speedo as the temperature hit 37 degrees.  Once the temperature dropped the speedo worked fine again.  Once at home I found the exhaust bobbin had split badly.  That has now been replaced.

The route.  Started Sunday afternoon and finished on Wednesday evening.

Optelma Charity Rally 2019



Split Exhaust Bobbin

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Failed earth causing indicator failure.

I have my second MOT this friday and as with any MOT I have a look at the basics such as lights etc. so I don't fail on something daft.  As it happens my cycle wing drivers side indicator wasn't working.  I ordered another from Caterham just in case (super fast delivery as always) but thought I would also check if power was getting to the indicator before replacing it.  Having taken the wheel off and looking under the cycle wing you could see some corrosion.  I took out the nut and bolt where the indicator was earthed and it was obvious there was no chance of a connection.  A quick clean with a file, re-connection and then waxoyl over the area and my old indicator is working again.

Wednesday 26 December 2018

Engine Bay Pictures of the Plumbing

A few pictures of the engine bay plumbing for a 2014 Build 2.0 Duratec 175.  Not easy to photograph all the connections due to other components covering things up.  A good source of info is Tom Woods blog and his pipe diagram.  Tom Wood Blog

Saturday 21 July 2018

Can't beleive how nice the weather is.

Many many more drives, so many roads to explore and pictures to take.

Near Sheffield

Forty Acre Lane

Bowland Forest

Bowland Forest

Wayho Reservoir Edgworth

Wayho Reservoir Edgworth

Saturday 23 June 2018

2.0L Duratec Oil Breather Plate

In April 2017 I noticed some oil on the garage floor and it turned out to be the orange valve in the top of the breather plate which is bolted to the side of teh duratec engine just beneath the air intake.

Last week I saw another drop of oil and a quick check showed the leak appeared to be coming from the same place.  However closer inspection showed the problem was that the right angle pipe had come away from the orange valve on the breather plate.  As I re-attached the pipe to the orange valve I realised the pipe is 15mm too short and is essentially being pulled away from the orange valve.  Given that the pipe carries oil vapour and a bit of oil to the air intake then it gets well lubricated and before you know (well in about a year) the pipe has come away from the orange valve.

I cut a new pipe today and the extra length means the pipe is essentially pushing itself onto the orange valve.  Time will tell if this works.

This is the old pipe.  The new one is just 15mm longer.

The old pipe had come away from the orange valve.

Hebdan Bridge, Atom Panopticon, Skipton and Barnoldswick

Another fine morning provided another fine 6am drive around the lanes of Lancashire.

Pondon Reservoir

Widdop Reservoir

This weather is just perfect.  Up at 6am, 2 hours of driving and home before the family get up.

Blatting to a Boulder

A few weeks ago I had a great drive through Bowland Forest area again but I headed towards Bentham to see the Boulder.  #Tick