Saturday, 24 March 2018

MSV Trackday was First Class

With the arrogance and bollocks that is the L7C decision to insist on half an FIA roll bar without actually caring about it's quality, age, installation or whether your head sits above it !!!  I have been left trying to find a trackday supplier as L7C trackdays are not an option.  With that in mind I started looking around and the most surprising thing was how much cheaper non L7C trackdays are, also there is a fantastic choice of tracks and days.

I decided on a midweek trip to Oulton Park in early March and it was first class.  The organisation was spot on, not too many on track (16 tops at any one time), there were 7 No. 20m sessions for each group of cars and it was plenty of time in the car.  £129 well spent.  I will be doing some more with MSVT.

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