Friday, 25 July 2014

Prop Shaft Grease ???

I decided to jack the car up today and take the torque wrench to all the bolts now I have covered nearly 1500 miles.  Rear Wheel hubs were spot on as were most other bolts.  However the exhaust side engine mount bolts (3 No.) needed 1/4 turn each, the gearbox to chassis needed 1/4 turn and the long diff bolt needed 1/4 turn.

Whilst under the car I noticed a black line of something where the prop joint is.  I had coated the tunnel in Dinitrol before installing the prop so the brown stuff is just dinitrol.  Should I be concerned about the black line?  It does look like grease and certainly lines up with the prop joint.  Is the joint losing grease and should I be worried?

Propshaft with line of what appears like grease on the inside of the tunnel which is itself coated with dinitrol.

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