Monday, 27 April 2015

All for a piece of Green.

I find it quite sad that Caterham are no longer part of the F1 world.  All the staff who worked so hard building the cars and getting the team organised.  It was even more sad today when I went to the factory to collect the auction item I had won.  (The rear left cover 'with M').  I wasn't sure whether to bid or not but then again the team had already been laid off and money raised should be going to those owed money.

Having won the auction item the next thing was getting it.  The Post and Pack option quoted £105 for an item which cost just £90.  But, from Lancashire to Leafield (via the scenic route) is ~168 miles each way.

I checked the weather, shifted a few work meetings around and today (Monday 27th April) I drove to pick up my peice of green.

An early and cold start at 5.45am.  The heater was on full,  I had a thick jacket and 2 layers and I was still bitterly cold almost all of the way there.

I plugged a diversion into the satnav to get me close to Jodrel Bank.  I have passed it many times on the train to London but never visited.  Needless to say it was closed at 7.30am in the morning.

Another Pic

And another pic. 

This was the road from Leafield back to Chipping Norton.  Didn't think too much of chipping Norten but great roads.

And the piece of green.  £60 in petrol and a great day off work driving the seven.

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