Sunday, 2 August 2015

New Tyres

After 2000 miles or so having driven in temperatures of 34 degrees and in monsoon conditions I am giving these tyres a massive thumbs up.  The softness of the rubber is noticeable straight away and you feel much more grip when you start to lean on them.  However to also have two massive channels for standing water proved it's worth when I found myself driving through standing water in France for about 2 hours.  I will be buying these again


I was told long before I took delivery of my Caterham Roadsport that the tyres that came with it (AVON ZV3) were rubbish for the cars.  Apparently they are fine in hot dry conditions but not for cold damp or wet conditions.  Needless to say the warnings were true.  No matter how much you spun them up the tread was as deep as the day I got them.

So I started looking for alternatives which led to a limited selection given I have 14 inch minilites.  In the end I opted for Uniroyal Rain Expert 3's.  Two reasons really, (1) They are listed as being inefficient which I read as being sticky and (2) being rain tyres I am expecting the rubber to be softer at lower temperatures.

I ordered them through Blackcirlces and had them fitted at Bury Road Garage (who I can't recomend highly enough, the balancing and care taken is perfect, ask for Ben).  The tyres were ~£44 each.

I used them for the first time to go to the Harewood Hill Climb and whilst it was dry and warm and I can say I have already noticed that they are a lot lot better than the ZV3's.  I will report back again when it rains and again in the winter.

Uniroyal Rain Expert 3 - 185 / 60 / R14

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