Friday, 4 September 2015


Had a great two week blat in France.  The roads as others have said are so enjoyable to drive on.  We will definitely be going back despite all the messing about with the chunnel and finding the right Gite.

On the way to France.  The picture coming home looks about the same so I haven't bothered with it.  The tunnel journey gave me time to take the hood off, pack a few things away and set up the sat-nav. 

Quiet roads all the way from Calais.  The journey back from Quimper was 452 miles. 
A slight mishap on the way there was me running out of petrol.  I think the increased speed with 188 miles on the clock saw the engine cut out.

France won the who has the best bridges competition.

A couple of very wet days but the hood and SBFS cover kept the cab perfectly dry.

Happier times in the dry.  My job was the morning croissant run which I did using the Caterham.

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