Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day 27 - Paint the Grille

Not a lot happening. PBC next week. Fingers crossed the engine hunting and nose cose damage is sorted. I'm sure it will be. Other events to look forward to are Peter and Pauls (LADS) GTKYS day on Saturday the 12th. Hope they don't point out something obvious I have missed.

 Anyway, I finally decided I would paint the 7 on the new style grille today. I also decided I would paint it silver rather than the obvious yellow. The third dilema was then whether to paint the number 7, frame and 4 point supports or leave the 4 point supports black. Jeeps I must be bored. Anyway, pics below.

The whole grill was masked up before cutting out the number seven and frame with a knife.

3 coats of silver plasticote.

Initially I thought I had managed to only spray the bits I wanted to.

I then found some silver on the black grill so out came the black paint and a fine touch up brush.

The grill resting in place on the car.  I will fit it once I have put the replacement 3M film on the nosecone.

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