Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Day 29 - IVA Test

I arose bright and early to sort out the car and tools and get some petrol and by 7am I was running along the top road above Rammy bedding in the brakes. I hit the motorway by 7.10 and got to Chadderton VoSA by 7.25am. When I arrived I was no more confident the brakes were up to much or that the speedo did a lot. 

There was a tapping coming from the rear left and a quick look under the back showed the p clips holding the handbrake cable had rotated through 180 degrees and the handbrake cable was now catching the drive shaft. I turned the p clips around and prayed they stayed there.

 The test itself was a real eye opener with regards what they look for and how they go about it. I learnt a lot and I am very grateful to the guys for their time to explain things. I had already followed all the advice online on various blogs, LADS, Caterham Midlands etc. But there were still some items that came up for discussion. However no showstoppers and after 4 hours the car had passed.

 For others taking their own car then definetly drive it there, it's good fun, sounds amazing, heats the cat and does do a little for the brakes. I took some tools and trim material but wish I had taken more. The IVA guy wanted to look inside the pedal box so I needed my 1/4 socket set to get to the bolt tucked down low on the engine side. I wish I had more cycle wing trim for the bonnet air vents (see pic). I did take some build pictures and they did ask for them. Make sure you take a spanner or adjustable for the headlights. They let me set them up on the machine whilst there which was very helpful.

 Most interesting was which elements needed a 2.5mm radius. The poppers are 4.8mm high and so do not need a 2.5mm radius. However the bonnet vents are 5.8mm high and so the 3 edges nearest the windscreen do need rubber trim. (see pic). The brakes were tested twice, probably to be sure they were warm and working properly.

 The fog light was not an issue as wired as standard on the Caterham loom. No need for the CBS relay solution.

A fresh morning as I set off to the VoSA test centre.

Parked up and waiting for 8am.

28 miles covered today.  Couldn't stop on the M60 to photograph the magic 7 mile mark.

Rubber trim keeping pedestrians everywhere safe.

The finished car.

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