Friday, 16 May 2014

156 Days Later.....

The car arrived on December 12th 2013 and on the 16th May 2014 I was able to legally take the car for a drive.  The smile on my face today when the postman delivered my original documents back to me and a seperate brown envelope with the V5C was as good as when the car passed the IVA; as good as when I first started the engine and as good as when the bits arrive back in December.

Next is basically learning to drive the thing and tinkering and getting out and about with LADS and family.

Thanks to everyone who has so far helped me.  Peter and Paul of LADS in particular but many others aswel.  Massive thanks to Caterham who have been faultless through the whole process.  From the first visit to showroom down South, Anthony taking the first £2k deposit.  Through to the car being delivered, Derek the materials co-ordinator (perfection itself), the PBC in the Midlands, Sharon at Dartford and everyone else who had a hand in getting me on the road with such an awesome machine.

The build and the PBC / IVA / DVLA process feel like a big deal at the moment but I am sure the it will become only a small part of the ownership of the car as I blat around the UK and Europe.  I will keep posting here but maybe not as often.

Now I am off to sort a route out for tomorrow morning.

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