Saturday, 17 May 2014

Blat 1 - Lancashire

I kept it local for my first blat, up the rake, along Grane Road almost into Blackburn before heading out up the hill towards Edgeworth and around Rammy and up to Scoutmoor.  Had a fab time.  Love it.

I do now understand why people where baseball caps as you have no visor and the sun is a killer in your eyes all the time.  Also the speed sensor is knackered so I clocked up no miles and have no idea how fast I was going.

The pics are from up near Scoutmoor and my garage.  Now the spare wheel is on the car the underside scrapes the drive so I will have to get adjustable dampers.  I knew I should have ticked that option.

The view I had driving over the tops by Scoutmoor.

The car in glorious sunshine.

Hmmmmm.  Wasn't quite expecting such a small puddle of dung to travel up and over the door.  Note to self, where a hat.

Scoutmoor Windfarm in the distance.

The steep drive where the car bottoms out.  I need adjustable dampers.

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