Sunday, 4 May 2014

Day 30 - Tinkering

I am currently waiting for DVLA to return a V5c, tax disc and registration number.  So whilst I wait I am doing all those post post build check jobs like moving the mirrors etc.

I am still waiting for DVLA to send me some reg details and a tax disc.  So using my time wisely I added some velcro to the seat belts so I don't get slapped in the face by the loose ends.

Hole drilled ready to install a 12V socket.

Socket installed and wired to the battery.

Charger plugged in.

New map pocket installed in the passenger footwell.

Wires identified to connect a third brake light.  Black/Green is positive and black is negative.

Spare wheel rack installed.  The car suddenly looks correct.

Another wheel rack picture.

Wing mirror moved to the doors.

New front shot with mirrors moved.  I prefer them lower down although I suspect I will see very little through them.  On the way back from the IVA test the mirrors vibrated so much I wondered what the point of having them was.

High level brake light taped into place whilst the glue dries.  This is the 60 LED CBS unit.  I have angled the LED unit slightly up as the LED's are only bright when viewed straight on.  I figured if I mounted it horizontal then it woudl be fine if another caterham was following me but not so good for the muppets in 4x4's.

3M paint protection film added where the door stopper will strike the bonnet.  The square patch will dry and be almost invisible.  I have a small 3x3" piece left which I will put by the fuel filler.

This car has door stoppers (studs) which is the only parts which will hit the bonnet.

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