Friday, 3 January 2014

Build Day 11 - Rear Wheels (Left)

The main task for today was to get the hub and disk onto the Left hand side.  As expected having faffed with the right hand side, the left hand side was much quicker and easier.  Other jobs included :

  1. Fit the speed sensor
  2. Contralube 770 all the electrical connections
  3. Move the axle stands to sit under the de-dion
  4. Silicone the edge between the chassis and lowered floor to prvent water ingress.
  5. Spray a bit more dinitrol in.
  6. Tidy up the caterham boxes and my tools.

When I first put the sensor in the Rear ARB bracket I noticed only half the sensor was looking at the wheel on the driveshaft.  I had read from other blogs that this may be any issue.

2 minutes later, courtesy of the dremmel and the sensor was in a far better position.

NOTE - Now that the engine is running and I can check the speedo, I found that even though I had moved the sensor to be more aligned with the teeth it was not good enough.  I ended up removing the sensor bracket and adding insome washers between the bracket and ali block.  This pushed the sensor to the center of the teeth and suddenly I was able to register speed.

What are these and do I need to use them ?  Can't see a use for them just yet.

Found a use for the above items.  It turns out right at the back of the manual there is a picture showing them located in the rear brake caliper.  Must be something to do with stopping the brakes squeaking or making sure the disc springs slide on a clean surface.

The left side completed.

I thought this may be useful to others.  I kept using the M10x65mm when I should have used the M10x55mm.  

As above.

Suddenly there are very few Caterham boxes left in the garage.


  1. Another great and informative blog.

    I have figured out that the Items in the Delphi bag are the fixings to secure the rear brake pads in. Hope that helps.

  2. Great blog. The detail and pictures are really usefull. We're building a Supersport at the moment. Started back in October and just started the engine today...

  3. Andrew, just wanted to say how useful I've found your pictures of the bolts and assembly of the rear suspension in my own build. Thank you.

  4. Thank you, glad you are finding it useful. I am enjoying reading your blog and keeping up on the progress. Looking forward to seeing it out on the road.