Sunday, 12 January 2014

Build Day 12 - Bits and Pieces

I have reached a point where I have 4 boxes left and everything seems to be a fiddly small job.  The lights, tidying the wiring, trim details, breather bottles, lugs, fluid filling etc.  Today was 3 hours of small jobs.

Derek sent the fixings and washers to finish the air intake box.

Derek also sent the lug so I could earth the temperature controller.

Derek sent the red power cable so I could finish the wiring to the solenoid.  I thought I had stripped the solenoid bolt at first as the first few threads were missing but it seems that is normal.   As I cut the battery lug cover with snips I managed to crack the lid.  Superglue.

With the main wiring done, I couldn't resist turning the key.  The immobilisor worked, the fuel pump kicked in, then the lights came on on the dash.  So far everything seems to be working.  

I have decided to give the inside of the wheel arches a couple of coats of the hammerite underbody paint.  I am not 100% sure this will stop the star marks on the fibreglass but it must surely help.  

The handbrake seems off center at the moment.  The left hand side black sleeve is shorter (yellow) than the right hand side (green).  Not sure if that will sort itself out over time.

Spent some time under the car tidying the wiring.  I keep seeing PBC's saying wiring needed tidying.  Not sure how good / bad this is compared to others who have then been told they need to have it tidied.

Derek sent the cat exhaust shield so that went on.

Decided to dinitrol the inside of the headlights before they went on the car.

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