Thursday, 2 January 2014

Build Day 8 - Cooling

Ok, so today I will do the coolant.  I set up a 1 minute time lapse as I worked on the front.  It was quite funny to watch as I had the radiator off 4 times as I tried different ways to get the radiator, brackets and fan in place.  Tom's schematic did the job for the plumbing.

The important thing with the brackets is to put the aluminium inside the lug welded to the chassis.  If you put them outside the lug then the holes are too wide for the radiator.

In the cooling pack there will be 4 plastic clips, you need these in order for the metal U shaped bracket to fit.

After 4 attempts putting the radiator on and off.  This is how I settled up with regards the black bracket in relation to the radiator and aluminium bracket.

The black clips mentioned previously.

The car with the radiator and other cooling pipes.  Suddenly the engine bay looks very full.  I would hate to have to fit all that lot into a series 3 Caterham.

The manual is quite specific about the direction of the outlet pipes on the expansion bottle.  To get the outlet pipes to face the correct direction I had to put my mounting bracket on sideways.  I think this is ok and the bonnet will still close.

Expansion bottle and pipes in place.  I am missing the breather bottle and bracket.  A little annoying.

With all of the pipe work I have tried to think ahead of what else will be installed and make sure the hex heads of the pipe clips are all accessible from above or below the car at a later date.  I do seem to have 2 pipes and some clips left over.

This is the most awkward bit of seal to fit in place and worse still the manual makes no mention of it.  I just came across it and thought what is that 300mm long seal for then figured it could only fit here.  I am also missing the 6 screws to fix the air box lid down.

As many others before me.  The MG Rover throttle cable is too long and so it required a screwdriver sticking into the throttle pedal and bending it towards the driver.  It is a very very poor solution and Caterham should sort this out. 

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