Sunday, 26 January 2014

Build Day 14 - Oils

I finished the cycle wings first off today, wired the indicator repeaters and clipped all the wiring neatly to the chasis. With the indicator repeater I found it easier to thread a wire up the cycle wheel stantion and pull the repeater wire back down. Also I used the cycle wing fixing bolt as the earth cable point.

Making the obigitory cut down allen key.  The dremmel was spot on.

MTL oil going into the gearbox.

More MTL

Keeping an eye on the levels

I think that is it.

I was sure this went in further but it seems tight.

Diff oil filling contraption.

Diff oil went in ok.  Millers, 90W GL5

6.5L of coolant in.  I disconected the heater inlet as Caterham suggested and I filled from there.  I mainly filled from the expansion tank but I also follow Tom Woodis and filled towards the Modine from the Heater Outlet point.

Eezi bleed connected to the tyre.  The tyre was deflated to 20PSI before connecting to Eezibleed.

Desperatly careful not to drop any fluid onto the paintwork.  An effortless process going from Offside Rear, Nearside Rear, Offside Front and Nearside Front.  Then repeated for luck.  I reckon I used just under 1/2 Litre.

The car coming on nicely.

Headlights and indicators working first time.  Hark at me.

A few nice shots of the flotation device.

The awkward clutch bleed nipple.

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