Saturday, 25 January 2014

Build Day 13 - Painting, Cycle Wings, Bits

Today started with a check of the bolts I had torqued or knew I needed to tourque.  I had a realisation that having not tourqued the upper wish bones (because I read it somewhere), then I would now need to remove the ARB to do so once the  car is on the ground.  (Not happy).

I then decided I would put a coat of Hammerite Stone Chip (with waxoyl) on the underside of the car.  From there I moved onto putting the two cycle wings on.  Finally I tackled the cross threaded rear brake unit.

A question was put on Blatchat about bump steer.  Having had a look at my steering rack it appears I have the spacers as part of the brackets.

The oil breather bottle and bracket arrived late which I was not that bothered about until I came to fit it.  Once you have put the coolant overflow, radiator and pipework in place, it is quite hard to drill the frame and fix the bracket.

Job compelte

The first cycle wing took a while as I checked, checked and checked again before I drilled the wing and stays.  After I had finished it was pretty quick to do the others.  After drilling the stays I did paint in the holes and on the stays to prevent rust.  As there will be a lot of spray here it makes sense not to have a freshly drilled hole in steel.

Spent a good hour marking up what was tourqed etc.

The wiring is a very tight fit.  Hopefully I have enough heat shrink, tape and grommits in to pass the IVA

A few weeks ago I thought I had stripped the brass connection.  Caterham said they would fix it during the post build check.  To be honest with some of the posts about PBC costs I didn't want to wait and get a shock charge.  Derek kindly sent me a new brass connection.  However when I stripped it apart tonight I found it was the flexible hose thread that was knackered.  I too a small file to the thread and fixed the connection.  Interestingly if you use a flat washer and anti shake washer then the brass connection meets the nut and does not fully pinch up.  Hence I removed the flat washer.  I hope that is right.

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  1. Andy,

    A great post as usual. I just wanted to poui t out that you need to drill a 20mm hole I'm the breather tube and use one of ythe breather elbows to put the breather pipe through according to Derek.