Thursday, 2 January 2014

Build Day 7 - Exhaust & Steering

I headed to the garage today thinking I would put the cooling system in.  Tom Woodis has created a great schematic which simplifies the confusion created by the manual.  However when I got there I found myself doing some wiring and odds and sods.  A quiet day really.  The main red wire was missing so I couldn't finish that.  Also the manual is woeful in explaining the specifics of this car.  I didn't have wires they suggested I had and did have wires they make no mention of.  I have sent e-mails to Caterham and hopefully they will clear it all up in the new year.

I dinitolled everywhere I could.  I used two cans of 3125.  I warmed it up as recomended by others and it worked a treat with the way it ran into the gaps.  It's not a tidy process and it gets on your hands afterwards so I will probably need to put a bit more in after I finish.

Put the exhausts in.  Easy enough.  Just follow the install order.  The numbers on the exhausts didn't match the instructions or the parts list caterham sent me for my car.

Once the exhaust was in I put the steering in.  Sat in there and turned it a few times :)  Bit of a pain sliding the upper shaft into place without knocking the white sleeves out.  The upper white / rubber sleeve is a bit tough to get in but then again you don't want it falling out.  The lower white sleeve came out a few times but clicked back in place nicely.  A bit of grease helps when doing this bit.

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