Sunday, 9 February 2014

Day 16 - Wheel Arch, Carpet & Mirrors

The rugby training was cancelled due to the weather so an unexpected morning on the car.  Managed to tackle the following :

  1. Drivers side rear wing,
  2. IVA Mirrors,
  3. Roll Bar,
  4. Hood Brackets,
  5. Back Panel Carpet,
  6. Bleed Brakes,
The rubber trim was held on with pvc tape.  Three 'V' cuts in each corner to create the smooth curve.

The passenger side trim from yesterday.

The joint between the wing trim and protector trim.

The butchered fibreglass to allow the rotary arm to fit.  I was surprised how much needed cutting to get the other holes to line up.  The drivers side needed a lot less cutting. 

This is the metal trim in the boot cover being removed as I have the 4 point harness.  I just glued the edge trim back together.  Couldn't find the needle and cotton in the caterham part bags so use glue :)

I glued the carpet on with ever stick 2 spray adhesive.  It seems very very tacky.  Bit of a stringy mess so you have to cover anything you don't want gluing but allows you to remove for a second go.

My wife came down after lunch as asked if I needed anything so thank to confirmation from Peter (LADS) that my brakes were spongy, we set about bleeding them again but this time the old fashioned way.  We got lots of air bubbles out which surprised me as the eezibleed kit was finished getting air bubbles out after going to each wheel 4 times.

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