Saturday, 22 February 2014

Day 19 - Hood, Door, Seat Belt, Seats, Floor Mats

Managed to grab an hour before taking the kids to football this morning, then managed to grab a few hours after the rugby. So all in all a good day.  I tackled the following jobs....

  1. Inside seat belt bolt - The 7/16 UNF 1.25 pitch bolt just did not want to go in.  So I headed off to halfords to get a tap as the problem seemed to be the powder coating.  Infact there was so much powder coating inside the thread I am surprised there was any on the chassis.  I have been lucky up to now and not had a problem.  
  2. Once the final seat belt element was in I put the seats in.  I found this quite easy despite others saying it was a pain.  I did find the bottom of the seat lifted out which made getting to the bolts very easy so I don't know if that is why it was easier.
  3. The roof went on and I fixed the final 2 poppers.
  4. The drivers door went on.
  5. The caterham rubber mats went in.
Ahh, the wife holding the allen key for the seats while I take pictures and tighten the bolts underneath.

Whoop, the two of us actually fit in the car.  Feel like I need some name stickers for the top of the window.

Seat and seatbelts done.

Mats done.  Just the three poppers by the seat or should there be more poppers up the other end of the footwell?

The roof arrived last week so I clipped it on.  It left me with one popper base to drill and fix to the car and one popper to put into the hood before drilling a base into the car.

The roof is, well, its a canvas roof, it does what it does.

Now the door was a pain, hence I have only done one of them tonight.  Surely caterham could make a template and drill the doors.  To hold the door up, hold the handles on the inside and check it has slid nicely into the roof, then mark the hinge holes is a pain.  I did one hinge at a time.

Some close ups to show how the door sits on my car.  Hopefully this is correct.

This curve and setting out seemed right.

The door frame starts to wander out of line slightly as it goes to the back, but if I get the top line right then the top hinge would not have been in the metal. ???

The top corner looks in to deep but does it really matter ?

This bit seems a good line.  Just need to fix the door catch and poppers tomorrow.

I am currently just looking at all the IVA forms.  Does anyone know if you have to do the seatbelt conformity form?  IVA 19b ?

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