Sunday, 23 February 2014

Day 20 - Door Catches, Painting

Only a few hours to tinker today, then again there aren't many jobs left to do. Today included :

  1. Passenger Door
  2. Door catches
  3. Underbody paint

I took a picture of the seat installation with the base of the seat removed.  This one shows the front fixing.

This is a shot down the back of the seat showing the rear fixings.

I found that my rivet gun could not pull the rivets tights as the head would not fit inside the popper bases.  So I put some washers over the rivet and this allowed the rivet to sit right at the bottom of the popper base.

I fitted the door catches for the arm rests and very comfy they are too.   For the popper for the leather strap, I managed to get the two door poppers at different heights.  I suspect I have halved the value of the car with that faux pas

One point to remember is to put the catch behind the rubber trim and inner black cockpit panel.

Close up of catch wrapping over the rubber trim.

The passenger door (side screen) was fitted.

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