Saturday, 8 February 2014

Day 15a - Trim

Finally managed to get some time to work on the car. I had a list of fidly bits and pieces to do:

  1. Drill and fit 20mm elbow into breather bottle. 
  2. Fit wiper blades. 
  3. Put trim on the back lights. 
  4. Put knee trim panels in. 
  5. Tighten the rear wheel hubs. 
  6. Paint the rear wheel arches (inside). 
  7. Fit water pipe saddle. 
  8. Rivet internal panels.

20mm hole drilled in the breather bottle with the elbow and straight connecting pipe joining the two.  I decided to route the pipe this way as a smooth curve put the pipe too close to the belt and tensioner.

This is a 19mm saddle.  Seems to small to me.  I am waiting on Derek getting back to me.

Two coats of yaught varnish on both sides should give the wood a bit of an extended life.

Working wipers, whoop.

This is the lowest position I could set the wipers.

I sliced the long side of trim off and glued what was left to the rear lights.

Super glue didn't seem to take to the black plastic so I ended up using impact adhesive on both the plastic and trim.

I added the knee trims to both sides but found the holes didn't line up with the ones in the side panels.  I then set about blunting all my drill bits by drilling the stainless steel trim.

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