Sunday, 15 December 2013

Build Day 1 - Trim & Protection

Peter and Paul from LADS popped around this morning and gave me some great advice on a building a Caterham.  The first piece of advice has already been taken on board and the IVA trim has been glued in first and not last.  I only intended to do a little bit today and before I knew it the wife was knocking on the garage door as it was tea time.  Loved every minute of the day today.

I have 6 M6 washers instead of 6 M8 spring washers.  The upper wishbone rear connector was not listed as having a washer which seems odd.  Also there are three types of spacer which can fit in the upper wishbone and so I need to double check which one it is.  Finally should every wishbone connector have a bush in it?  A quick check and the answer is no.  Only put them where they say.  I did find the one that measure 10mm inside and 1/2 outside just would not go into the wishbone, it wasn't tight, it was simply too big.  So I used the 10mm ID and 12mmOD and that was a perfect snug fit.

To get the IVA trim around the front connector of the 
upper wishbone I just had to cut a V in the back of the trim.

Trim all siliconed into place.  I put dots of silicone 
every 2 cm's inside the trim.

A roll of masking tape.

Lots of bits but not always the right bits in the right boxes.

Steering rack in (loose)

LHS nearly done albeit I have questions 
about washers and spacers

I put in a draw wire now so that my life may be a little
easier later in the build.

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