Saturday, 28 December 2013

Build Day 6 - Engine

Cousin Paul arrived nice and early today to help tackle the issue of getting the engine in.  With a very kindly donated engine hoist we set about measuring up the engine and hoist and the ummm low garage ceiling height.  We used the hoist to first drop the car down to the lowest axle stand height.  We then strapped up the engine and set about the fidly job of weaving the engine and gearbox into place.  Some lessons learnt are below :

  1. Get a spanner or wrench onto the belt tensioner on the front of the block, loosen and remove the belt.
  2. ***** Remove the alternator *****
  3. Make sure the engine is balanced (left to right) in the sling but at a 30 degree angle front to back.
  4. ***** Remove the alternator *****
  5. Take the engine support bracket off the block.
  6. ***** Remove the alternator *****
  7. Put the LH and RH rubber mounts onto the car loosely.
  8. ***** Remove the alternator *****
  9. Remove the water bottle bracket and feed it in from below later on.
  10. When securing all of the engine and gearbox bolts we put the arms onto the engine block loose once the engine was roughly in the right place.  We then put the large bolts through the brackets and started the threads in the engine mounts, we then pushed the bolts through the gearbox mount.  Once everything was in loose, we tightened the engine bolts, then the engine mount bolts then the gear box and only then released the hoist.
  11. Go slow.
I have the 2.0L Duratec and removing the alternator is essential but the starter motor stayed on the bellhousing.

We only had a few inches spare before hitting the roof.

Second attempt with the alternator removed.

Yi coming in for a look.

It's in.  Wow.  Now for the back end.  When you hear people say it's a tight fit, it really is a tight fit.  millimeters to spare, literally.

Take the bottle bracket off (purple), take the alternator off (yellow) and jiggle the bracket bolt a lot (blue).

Rotate the nut on the belt tenssioner (red), this moves the wheel (blue) so you can remove the belt (purple). 

The bottle went back in from below.  Keep it attached to the bracket.

Hardly any room at all.  We did cause a little bit of damage to the heat shield installed by Caterham.  I'll need to get some reflective tape to fix it.

The front ARB boots arrived today.  Thanks Derek, so the Front ARB was finished.  Plenty of grease.

The set screws arrived from Caterham today so they went into the top of the heater.

Picture of christmas days nozzle attachment.

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