Saturday, 21 December 2013

Build Day 3 - Front Brakes

The kids and wife ventured out to watch a panto giving me the best part of a day in the garage with the car.

Added the calipers and brake pads.  I like the pin arrangement for holding the pads in.  Seems a much better way of accessing the pads than my tintop.

There are no notes on installing calipers.  I guess part of that is that it is so simple.  However it does require the flat washer (red) to go between the caliper and the hub.   Spring washer (yellow) required.  The green arrow indicates the direction of the flexible brake hose.

The red line indicates the direction of the flexible hose with the yellow arrows indicating the need to ensure the hose does not foul the suspension when you turn the wheel from lock to lock.

I installed the heater module albeit none of the pipework.  I guess I was just putting off the whole gearbox, bell housing, engine thing.  I did put a large run of silicone between the heater and the body of the car (yellow arrows).  The upper bolts were missing (red arrow).

Heater ears pointing down.  Thanks to everyone who has pointed out the need for the ears to point downards.

I got the rubber bushes into the metal holders on the front ARB easily enough.  I also got them onto the ARB itself.  Something must be wrong as others have struggled.  I did use a fair bit of Floplast.  However just as I thought all was well, I found the boot gaps were missing.

I fitted the spring washers which were missing last week.  Wish I hadn't put the damper in last week without the washer.  It seemed to want to stay there today.

Pretty pleased with my silicone smearing.

I wasn't going to do this today but after reading the manual it seemed fairly straight forward.  I did have a moment with regards bolting the gearbox and bell housing together as there was a 'front seal - gearbox 5&6' part which I couldn't find a home for.  Consensus was that it was a spare. 

Next job or at least one of the next jobs is to get the engine into the car.

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