Friday, 13 December 2013

Sorting out the boxes

I spent the evening opening boxes to find what was where.  Didn't go so far as to check every last nut and bolt but I found 4 wheels, 4 shocks and an axle so figured that the bulk of it is there.  My wife thinks that there is far too much done already.  Then again she is a mechanical engineer and would rather be welding the chassis.
I have now labelled the boxes so I know 
roughly where everything is.

Really nice to ope boxes and see your name on the bits

I have read about the need to extend the 
breather tube but looking at the set up, the 
feeder tube is pretty long.  Does anyone know
if Caterham have now extended the tube.

Found the Steering Wheel.

Found all the tools that I got free courtesy of Draper 
and Caterham for the 40th Anniversary.  Axle stands
are great and better than what I had.  There are loads 
of tools not just those on show.

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