Thursday, 26 December 2013

Build Day 5 - Horns, Water Nozzle

Did the usual santa things, christmas day family things, christmas meal, falling asleep etc. then couldn't help myself venturing down to the garage to do a bit on the car :

  1. Fit the horns now I know I need nyloc part 10 from pack 30P012A
  2. Fit the gearbox rubber mount to the gearbox.  The 2.0L Duratec has the bellhousing mounted to the engine already so you do not get fastener pack 36G006A.  However you do need some of the fixings.  So for the gearbox rubber mount use the M12 x 25mm from pack ZGB14.  
  3. Loosen the filler plug in the gearbox.
  4. Fit the water bottle.  Remove the water bottle bracket first, fit the bottle, then put the bracket back on.
  5. Fit the screen washer jet to the scuttle.  I put a good dollop of silicone under the washer jet as there is no rubber washer to stop water coming in. 

Undo the bolts indicated by the red arrows.  Remove the bracket and add the water bottle before refixing the bracket to the chassis.

The wiring loom was putting stress on the bottle and bottle bracket so I removed one of the tie wraps and pushed the wiring loom away from the bottle.  (Green Arrow).  I have also taken to filling any electrical connector with silicone if it sits upright like the ones indicated by the purple arrows.  Seems obvious to me that spray will land in these and then stay there rusting the connection.

I tie wrapped the water hose to the wiring loom with red ties so I know which one to cut should I need to remove the hose.  I used blue tie wraps for the heater connector when I tie wrapped that out of the way.

Again red tie wraps to keep the washer hose tidy behind the dash.  It takes a wierd body angle to get the washer pipe onto the jet nozzel under the dash.  I fitted the nozzle first including the silicone seal.  Then went back to fit the hose.

Someone else suggested using a breaker bar to undo the 13mm nut on the horns.  I didn't believe them but they were right.  Use a breaker bar.  Also as above, I have filled the connections with silicone to prevent water sitting in and rusting the connection.

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