Sunday, 22 December 2013

Build Day 4 - Mounts, Brakes

More like tinkering and teetering around the edges to be honest.  Went to the garage with good intention of getting the dinitrol into every gap possible but couldn't resist picking up a spanner instead.  So  :

  1. The engine mounts went on (see photograph of problem engine mount bolt),
  2. I tried to put the horns on but I was missing some nylocs (I think), 
  3. I put some protective piping on the chassis ready for the engine going in, 
  4. I torqued up the bellhousing and gear box bolts.  An interesting one here is that the gearbox bolts needing torquing to 61Nm but you would have thought that would have been done seeing as the unit arrives pre built. Also be very careful to read the manual as the bellhousing to engine is torqued to a higher rating than the bellhousing to sump.  Not all of the bellhousing bolts are torqued up the same.

I took the paint off the top and bottom of the LHS engine mount to get a good earth.  I also took the paint of the chassis in this area.  I will hammeritte or equivalent the connection once it is torqued up.

A picture of the front brake pipe inside the engine bay.  The inside only needs the antishake washer and nut.  Otherwise the connection will not sit right and the connection will leak when you fill it with fluid.

Problem bolt head / chassis.  The bolt just would not go past the chassis frame.  John from LADS had the answer.  Grind one side of the bolt head off.  If only I had done that instead of the hammer approach.

A job for the Chrsitmas break is to lift the scuttle up slightly and apply some clear silicone between the side and the body panel by the door trim.  You can see daylight through the gap so with spray from the tyres it is likely water will come into the cockpit this way. 

Rightly or wrongly I have been sending Derek at Caterham emails as and when I find an issue or have a question.  This weekend I sent 7 e-mails.  This ranged from I need a few washers, to I have a few spare washers to which nuts for the horns.  I trust he is not fed up with me yet.

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