Wednesday, 11 December 2013

It's arrived, happy days.

About lunchtime today the wife screams Caterham are here and quite frankly I didn't believe her.  But there he was pulling up outside house and starring at our rather steep drive.  After a quick hello and cup of tea the boxes, car and engine were all unloaded and set out in the garage.

The downside is that due to work I will get a day on Saturday sorting through the boxes then I'll not have time until Christmas to get stuck into it.  At least it's here.

Just uploaded the video of the car arriving.

Timelapse of the car arriving.

The 2.0L Duratec.  (Clean)

The classic colour scheme put a massive smile on my face.

Two happy boys when they got home from School

Something I wasn't expecting was a heat shield to be 
applied to the footwells already.  I had that down
as a job to do and indeed the wife had that down as
an ideal christmas present.  It does seem to only half
cover the grot traps so I will look at that at the weekend.

There were only 5 items missing on the list.  Doors, roof, cat cover and a pipe.  Whether the rest is there I will find out on Saturday.  Who cares, it's here.  Big big smile.  May go to the garage to sleep tonight.

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